New Features in the Explore Categorical Data App 

The Explore Categorical Data app for analyzing one or two categorical variables got an overhaul. The two most important changes are preloaded datasets for instant demonstration and the ability to modify titles and colors of barcharts. READ MORE

New Correlation Web App: Measuring the Strength of the Relationship 

This blog demonstrates how to use the new Association Between Two Quantitative Variables web app for descriptive statistics and bootstrap or permutation inference. See several screenshots of the app in action.


 New Features in the Sampling Distribution App 

The "Sampling Distribution for the Sample Mean" app now has several real population distributions preloaded for you to sample from. Experiment with the app to visualize sampling distributions of average life expectancies or flight delays.

You can now also pre-specify mean and standard deviations for skewed distributions, which is often useful for salary data.



The Art & Science of Learning from data

Agresti    Franklin    Klingenberg

 New App: Analyze Multivariate Relationships

A central recommendation of the new Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) report is to “give students experience with multivariable thinking”. The new Exploring Multivariate Relationships app was designed with this in mind. It allows visualizing relationships between two quantitative variables while including (or adjusting for) a third (categorical or quantitative) grouping variable. Several datasets are pre-loaded to illustrate the concepts using real examples and you can also upload your own data.